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Revenue Enhancement Group (REG) is the industry founder in recovering direct assessment overpayments for commercial property owners, property managers and tenants. REG's comprehensive property analysis programs coupled with our professional team allow us to secure the maximum tax savings/refunds available to our clients.   

Our Passion and Commitment to our Clients is Demonstrated in Everything We Do!

Commercial Property tax can be your greatest operational expense. Most taxing jurisdictions have limited resources and as a result, direct assessment charges attached to commercial properties have the potential to be over-assessed. REG is a performance fee based organization and offers a "NO-RISK " analysis of all commercial property types. We don't bill our clients until a refund has been received. If your direct assessments taxes are fair and accurate we give you piece of mind knowing you are only paying your fair share.


                                                        It's your money, would you like it back?

Revenue Enhancement Group

The Trusted Experts in Assessment Refund Services
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