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Revenue Enhancement Group

REG is the founder in the direct assessment refund industry. For over twenty-five years we have been recovering assessment overpayments for our clients. Since our inception REG has been the premier advocate in arguing taxpayer rights regarding the direct assessment charges appearing on your property tax bill. 

REG combines extensive research and knowledge with the ability to utilize alternative methodologies that are respected and accepted by the public agencies, and in turn deliver the largest refunds where others are unsuccessful. REG has over a 95% success rate is securing tax savings/refunds for our clients. We're so confident in our services we work on a performance fee basis only.
REG staff regularly attend agency board and committee meetings to keep current on proposed                              changes affecting the commercial real estate industry (our clients). 
REG's comprehensive knowledge of the commercial real estate industry and our continual review of California state statutes and property tax law changes allow us to maintain up to date information that may affect our clients properties. 
REG's success is our clients success. Our sole mission is to not only meet our clients expectations but to exceed them. 

Our Story

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