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What are Direct Assessments?

Direct assessments are annual service charges such as sewer, sanitation, street lighting, flood control, parks & recreation and mosquito abatement that appear on your property tax bill each year. These are not taxes but annual service assessments that allow government agencies to collect fees. 

Why are you contacting me?

Based on our extensive research we believe you have been overcharged on your direct assessment charges and you are entitled to a refund of the over payment and in some cases for previous years. The governing agencies will never tell you they overcharged you but we will!

How is it possible I can I be overcharged?

The taxing agencies do not expend their resources reviewing each property so they estimate a property's charges based on a mass review. Many times your assessment charges are grouped in with industries that are not even related to your business but simply because your property is in the same regional location.

What if I no longer own or  I am selling a property?

No worries, you are still entitled to the over payments you paid. We will only appeal for the prior years in which you owned the property and paid the taxes and were governed by the applicable statue of limitations.

What if I already have a tax firm?

Great, direct assessments are NOT taxes and we are not a replacement for your tax firm. These are service charges the require specialized experience in appealing for assessment refunds... we are the specialists!

How much time will I have to spend on this?

The REG team does all the work for you, Generally you will need only about 15-30 minutes of your time. We are your partner from start to finish and we don't get paid until the refund check is in your hands.

Will this affect my future property taxes (Proposition 13) or my property's relationship with the county assessor's office?

No, we work directly with the public agencies collecting the assessment fees appearing on your tax bill. We do not deal with the County Assessor's Office at all. 

Why should I use Revenue Enhancement Group?

While you do have choices we would like you to know that we are the founders in the direct assessment refund industry in the state of California. We are the one's who went to the governing agencies and advocated for the tax payer's rights.... AND WE WON! Our competitors are in business because of what we started.


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